Lean Impact Nutrition is owned and operated by a husband and wife team that expanded their passion for fitness, food, and family to provide quality nutrient-dense meals for individuals seeking to improve their health and wellness. We offer Meal Preparation, Macro Coaching, and Meal Planning options. We are more than just a food service company. Our goal is simple. We want to provide you quality nutrition and education so you are able to reach and achieve your goals through the power of quality nutrition.

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Zach Elkins — Founder
Transformation Specialist and Macro Coach
Weight Loss Specialist
Ex- Professional MMA fighter
State of Florida Middleweight Champion

As a former professional and high level amateur athlete I have cut over 500+ pounds to compete in my sport. Over the years of trial and tribulations of weight cuts, I constantly educated myself on the power of nutrition for competitive advantages and the role it has on the overall health and well-being. Shortly after retiring, I felt there was an opportunity for me to pass this knowledge forward I learned so combined with my passion for cooking and fitness Lean Impact Nutrition was born.

Ashley Elkins — Co-Founder
Transformation Specialist and Macro Coach
Registered Nurse
Fitness Enthusiast

I am a wife to my best friend and mother to our 4 amazing children. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 15 years and have seen first-hand the importance of exercise and nutrition to live a healthy life. After having our 4th baby my husband motivated me to start working out. I started changing my diet to eating healthier and have seen the substantial positive results. I feel so much better and have more energy than I did in my 20's. Just as I have a passion educating and helping my patients reach their max potential. I also love being able to help others reach their fitness goals and feel great about themselves through healthy, delicious foods.