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About Us

Established in 2017, Lean Impact Nutrition was founded by a husband and wife team to provide a healthier, sustainable solution to eat healthy daily without the hassle of having to shop, cook, and clean. Meal prepping is time consuming and confusing on what healthy meals to make. Eating healthy can get expensive buying different protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates to buy unless you like eating the same thing everyday. We are the solution you are looking for to give you back your time, save you money, and while providing you chef prepared gourmet meals without high- end restaurant prices.

Our Mission

We save you time, money and stress about what to eat. Our meals are thoughtfully designed, prepared fresh, and perfectly portioned from all natural nutrient dense ingredients that provide optimal nutrition and results for a healthy lifestyle. You will love the simplicity of our service as a way to get healthy meals without all the work. With our service there are no recipes to follow, no standing in line at the grocery store, or spending hours with cooking and cleaning.  Just heat and eat, and enjoy!  

When To Order

All menus are uploaded on our website Monday morning. We take orders up until Thursday at 11:55 pm to guarantee the following Sunday delivery. This allows us to process all the weekly orders, shop accordingly, and prepare your food with health and safety in mind.

If you place an order after the cutoff time, you will be ordering for the following week’s meals (to be delivered the following Sunday). 

How It's Made

Each week, we upload a new meal prep menu based on personal experience, family recipes, and customer feedback.  We aim to reduce the hassle of choosing meals from an endless menu. Instead, we provide you with 5 menu items to select for the week, fresh homemade salads, and protein energy balls. Love a specific menu item?  Don’t worry — We rotate our menu so you will see the Tuscan Chicken again.

Our most popular meal size contains 5 oz of protein, 3 oz carbohydrate and 1 serving of vegetables. You can customize your perfectly portioned meal by choosing protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable size based on your liking.

All of our food is made, with the intention of providing healthier versions of the food we love, regardless of schedule or health goals – so YOU don’t have to think about your week’s meals.

Healthier Ingredients. Portion-Controlled. Guilt-Free!


All Deliveries Are Sunday between 2-5PM.

All your meals are placed in insulated bags to keep your food cool and fresh during transit. Once you receive your order, refrigerate your meals. Refer to our FAQ on how we suggest keeping your meals fresh and delicious. 

Not going to be home during delivery?  We ask that you please leave a cooler or ice chest with ice packs out for us to place your meals in to keep them fresh. We try to refrain from leaving food out unattended, however if you are not home, our drivers will wait up to 5 minutes, and then proceed along their route.

Zach Elkins — Founder

Weight Loss Coach
Ex- Professional MMA fighter 
State of Florida Middleweight Champion 

As a former professional and high level amateur athlete I have cut over 500+ pounds to compete in my sport. Over the years of trial and tribulations of weight cuts, I constantly educated myself on the power of nutrition for competitive advantages and the role it has on the overall health and well-being. Shortly after retiring, I felt there was an opportunity for me to pass this knowledge forward I learned so combined with my passion for cooking and fitness Lean Impact Nutrition was born. 

Ashley Elkins — Co-Founder

Registered Nurse 
Fitness Enthusiast 

I am a wife to my best friend and mother to our 4 amazing children. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 15 years and have seen first-hand the importance of exercise and nutrition to live a healthy life. After having our 4th baby my husband motivated me to start working out. I started changing my diet to eating healthier and have seen the substantial positive results. I feel so much better and have more energy than I did in my 20’s. Just as I have a passion educating and helping my patients reach their max potential. I also love being able to help others reach their fitness goals and feel great about themselves through healthy, delicious foods.

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