15 Meals

From: $114.75 / week

The 15 meal plan comes with 3 of each recipe from our weekly menu.

Our meals are prepared fresh from all natural ingredients sourced from approved vendors and delivered the same day. Eating healthy has never been so easy. If you keep good food in fridge you eat good food! No Contract


Please Note: Orders are due by 11:59PM on Friday for the following weeks meal delivery.


You select the number of meals you want based on your budget and needs from us as a service. The range is 1-4/meals per day(minimum of 5 meals/week).

You select your pickup or delivery location. 

You pick your perfect portioned sized meal based on your appetite and goals in mind.

We do the rest!

All of our food is made with the intention of providing healthier versions of the food we love regardless of your goals so YOU don’t have to think about what you are going to eat this week. We prepare all the meals fresh daily and delivered same day.

Healthier Ingredients – Portion Controlled – Guilt Free!


Featured Menu 7/21-7/27


Asian BBQ Chicken 🆕
Char-grilled chicken topped with a sweet, tangy Asian BBQ sauce with shredded red cabbage, carrots, snow peas and white rice

Pork Burger 🆕
Hand patted ground pork burgers topped with a crunchy apple-celery salad over a bed of fresh arugula and thyme roasted potato rounds

Meatball Marinara ⭐
Hand rolled and baked ground turkey meatballs topped with marinara and shaved parmesean over broccoli orzo pasta

Thai Basil Beef  🌶
90/10 ground beef simmered in shallots, garlic, and soy topped with fresh basil with shredded carrots and fluffy white rice

Peruvian Chicken 🆕
Char-grilled chicken seasoned with Peruvian spices served with baked yuca, tomato-zucchini salad and a creamy cilantro sauce

🥔 – Contains Nuts
🌶 – Spicy
star – Fan Fav


Sausage Scramble
Omega 3 scrambled egg topped with cheese and turkey sausage links over a bed of roasted potatoes

Deliveries take place every Sunday between the hours of 3PM-6PM. During transit, all your meals are placed in insulated bags to keep your food cool, safe to eat, and fresh. When your meals have been delivered, refrigerate them immediately! Please refer to our FAQ on how we suggest keeping your meals fresh and delicious.

If you are not home during our delivery times, please leave a cooler or ice chest with ice packs out for us to place your meals in to keep them fresh.

If no one is home to pick up your food, your food will be left at your door. It is your responsibility to make proper arrangements to receive your food, so please help us in making sure all meals are delivered.